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In Zybrstate we create sustainable value for clients and stakeholders by providing high quality and holistic cyber security services. Such a holistic approach should take into account:

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Zybrstate | A team of experienced IT security experts

Zybrstate team consists of passionate and well-trained security professionals. We are experienced in executing international projects, where we can leverage on a global network of  security experts. Zybrstate people believe in holistic management of the security system in order to improve the security posture of an organization, department or team. Vision, Strategy, People, Process, Technology and Governance are at the core of our holistic advisory approach.


zybrstate international team of security professionals
We are international.

Based on our experience from our own people and from our clients and partners, we know that the education and awareness level of employees and customers is a critical success factor in the people domain. We have always considered security awareness of employees a security state cornerstone for all organizations and a decisive success factor for most IT security improvement programs. As a result we are experienced in working close with our clients as a team, in exchanging valuable knowledge and experience and in providing world class education and awareness programs that have a major impact on immunizing your organization.


Running a holistic security improvement program with our team of security experts will lead to an improved state in many areas. The benefits of a successful collaboration among our professional teams include a  higher level of security awareness for your people. Such an upgrade will inevitably result into more effective and efficient teams and processes within your organization, matured reporting and business intelligence and to a better aligned business and IT.


With more than 15 years of experience in the field and a strong track record of delivery and improvement, we are proud to reap the fruits of our care for the development of our people. We continuously invest in the training and development of our team, like we do for our clients. Zybrstate team is confident and strong in setting up and executing cross continental projects, providing comprehensive, up-to-date security intelligence and successfully executing company wide security programs.


It is our passion, vision and mission to keep creating sustainable value for clients, partners and stakeholders.