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In Zybrstate we create sustainable value for clients and stakeholders by providing high quality and holistic cyber security services. Such a holistic approach should take into account:

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What is your security status?

Zybrstate audit and assessment services are all about determining the security status of an organization in detail and in full extent, and delivering an accurate diagnosis of security vulnerabilities and what their potential impact may be. Once we have gathered significant status information, we can deliver practical recommendations and offer effective solutions to the problems we have discovered.


Audit and assessment services are becoming more and more important over time. Organizations today are operating within increasing demands from regulatory bodies and a threat landscape that is rapidly increasing in size and complexity. In an effort to keep up with this, many companies often elevate internal audit from pure compliance to a function that regularly reviews the risk and security profile for emerging risks and threats.


As the security audit and assessment tasks become part of the core processes for many companies, Zybrstate auditors get increasingly involved in strategic decision-making where the emphasis is as much on managing risk as it is on securing the business. Our IT security audit professionals provide the experience to help organizations stay on track and deal with risks that could unhinge their business survival. With services like vulnerability assessment, security quickscan, penetration testing and accreditation you can have a clear image of your organization’s security state and decide what actions you need to perform in order to improve it.


Audit and assessment services not only provide you with insights about your security state, but also can help you understand where the most dangerous vulnerabilities hide. Understanding the hierarchy of dangers your organization is facing at the moment, and taking into account your overall resources, you can decide which high-priority threats you need to eliminate first.


Wondering what your security state is right now? You can quickly identify your most significant vulnerabilities with our free quick assessment service.


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