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In Zybrstate we create sustainable value for clients and stakeholders by providing high quality and holistic cyber security services. Such a holistic approach should take into account:

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Zybrstate | A holistic advisory company

Zybrstate is a holistic advisory company. We believe that the security state of an organization is the result of a multi-layered security system and – like the immune system of a living organism – is affected by many factors that interact both with the system and with each other over time. This level of dynamic complexity is hard to address successfully by looking at different security factors in isolation.

zybrstate holistic advisory company
We are different.

Instead, our unique approach on IT security means that we can suggest thoughtful actions regarding the:

zybrstate infrastructure


zybrstate systems


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zybrstate processes


of your organization, taking into account their touchpoints, intersections and interactions. This approach is vital in order to deliver a thorough and effective solution that matches the exact security needs of your organization.


Our approach is also unique in that it is designed to seamlessly integrate with your current state and gradually improve it to the next security state. Our job is only done when we have created a healthy, stable and safe business ecosystem from within.

  • Infrastructure

  • Systems

  • Tools

  • Processes

At Zybrstate, we are experienced in sustainably maturing the security state for organizations and we have the ability to analyze improvement points in various domains, design a component-based roadmap and execute a security improvement program that will upgrade the security state of an organization in the most efficient way.


The security improvement program will finally lead to a security state that balances the risk appetite and the cost of control for your business. As a Holistic advisory company we can suggest a thoughtfully designed program, one that matches your unique mix of strengths and weaknesses, to help your organization reach a mature security state.